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We deliver high quality planning and development services to achieve the planning permission you need.

DLBP is a bespoke town planning consultancy giving our clients the best prospect of securing planning permission for their developments.

Currently, our team of seven consultants is working on delivering approximately 60 different challenging projects. 

We have secured over 574,000 sq ft of commercial floorspace for our clients, delivered permissions for over 1000 homes, and achieved consent for over 650 specialist care bedrooms.  

Our clients appreciate a premium service, entrusting us to secure planning permissions, increase the value of their properties, and develop planning strategies to maximise their assets. 




Since our foundation in 2010, we have achieved a 97% success rate in securing consents for our clients’ proposals.

  • 574,000+ sq ft of commercial floorspace delivered.

  • Planning permission secured for over 1000 homes.

  • Consent achieved for over 650 care bedrooms.

"Dominic Lawson Bespoke Planning truly live up to the 'bespoke' in their name. They provide a highly focused, efficient and responsive service which combines sound strategy with careful attention to detail, delivered by people who really know and care about what they are doing; they are as far from a soulless corporate machine as one can get. I enjoy working with them hugely and am very impressed by them. Every member of the team is first class and Dominic is an excellent expert witness. I cannot recommend them too highly. I commend them to you"

Christopher Katkowski QC, Landmark Chambers.